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About me

I am currently the lead Product Manger for Breadcrumb Pro by Groupon.  Breadcrumb Pro is an iPad based point-of-sale for restaurants designed to help restaurant operators run their businesses more effectively.

Prior to Groupon, I worked at McKinsey & Co. where I specialized in Lean Management, Service Operations, and Supply Chain Management.

I also spent time at Apple and focusing on supply chain & technology. 

I have spent many years studying the intersection of offline operations and technology.  I am passionate about building tools to enhance offline experiences by using technology as an enabler.

About this blog

This blog is intended to be one part journal, one part discussion forum.  Expect to see a wide range of topics, including:

  • B2B iPad apps
  • Bridging the gap between offline and online
  • Product Management tips & tricks
  • Lean Management applied to tech
  • General thoughts on products and tech news

All thoughts expressed are my personal views and do not reflect the views of organizations, groups, or other affiliates of which I am a part.